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Since 2020 we've been a local family owned Fencing Contractor serving South Central Wisconsin.  We are here to bring your fencing dreams to life; whether you desire greater privacy, want to increase your home security, or need a safe area for your pet or children to play, Madison Fence Company is here to renovate or remodel what you need, when you need it.


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A residential chain link fence is the most cost-effective solution, plus is a great option to add security to a large area.  There is more to chain link fences than you may realize.  The recognizable woven diamond pattern and steel wire give the fence its strength, as well as provide flexibility when there is force applied creating a durable fencing option.

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Ornamental fencing can be selected in two types of metal, aluminum or steel, and offers several advantages over traditional wood and wrought iron fences.  Ornamental fences are available in different colors and styles, and can be custom designed to match the surrounding architecture or landscape. 


Vinyl fencing has become a more common fencing style in the last several years.  These fences provide the same aesthetic appeal as a wood fence, with minimal maintenance.  Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors, grain styles, panel styles, and sizes to match the surrounding architecture or landscape of your property.  

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Wood fences add natural beauty to your property by providing an affordable fencing option that adds a hint of nature to your outdoor environment.  This can be a great option for your backyard, allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors without interruption from the surrounding world. 

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“We had David and team install our aluminum fence and they did an excellent job.  They were professional, reliable, dependable, and extremely easy to work with.  If we are ever in need of a fence in the future, we will turn to them.  We highly recommend them for any fencing job you have, big or small”