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Ornamental Fencing

Sleek, Modern, Low Maintenance.

Ornamental fencing can be selected in two types of metal, aluminum or steel, and offers several advantages over traditional wood and wrought iron fences.  Ornamental fences are available in different colors and styles, and can be custom designed to match the surrounding architecture or landscape. 



The primary advantage of an aluminum fence is its ability to last for decades without rotting, rusting, or fading, and almost never need replacing.  The fastening components for these fences are either rust-proof stainless steel or fiberglass.  These fences are also powder coated to maintain an attractive finish throughout their lifetime.  Aluminum fencing is also more easily installed on uneven or sloping ground than traditional fencing due to its adaptable design.  The maintenance-free materials in an aluminum fence help to further reduce its overall cost.


A commercial steel fence will provide the ornamental look and strength of traditional wrought iron fences, but without the maintenance.  The welded construction of the steel creates a stronger bond that provides added security, but still offers an elegant look.  Steel fences are a great solution due to their strength, resistance to rust, and stylish designs.  There are a variety of ornamental styles and several heights available to match budgets and project types.


Vinyl Fencing

Classic, Natural, Low maintenance. 

Vinyl fencing has become a more common fencing style in the last several years.  These fences provide the same aesthetic appeal as a wood fence, with minimal maintenance.

Vinyl fencing is available in a variety of colors, grain styles, panel styles, and sizes to match the surrounding architecture or landscape of your property.  Once it's installed, vinyl fencing requires minimal maintenance.  With vinyl fencing, there is no power washing, painting, or staining.  Only occasional cleaning is required to upkeep a fresh look.  Additionally, vinyl does not rust or corrode like certain traditional fencing materials, nor does it splinter or discolor.

Quality is something we pride ourselves in at MFC.  Like many other products there are plenty of quality material vendors on the market as well as the "Home Depot" brands that may be cheaper in price, but offer a much more unreliable product than the vendors we use to supply our vinyl products.

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Wood Fencing

Natural, Timeless, Enhancing.

Wood fences add natural beauty to your property by providing an affordable fencing option that adds a hint of nature to your outdoor environment.  The most common reason you may choose a wood fence is to add privacy to your property.  Although spacing between panels can be customized to fit your needs, wood fences tend have a more solid design.  This can be a great option for your backyard, allowing you to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the outdoors without interruption from the surrounding world. 


All of our wood fences are built on site and custom fit to your property.  Fence panels come in different heights, designs, and wood types to match the surrounding architecture or landscape of your property.  With whichever option you choose, you will be able to create an atmosphere of seclusion with a natural look.


Chain Link Fencing

Durable, Secure, Affordable.

A residential chain link fence is the most cost-effective solution, plus is a great option to add security to a large area.  There is more to chain link fences than you may realize.  The recognizable woven diamond pattern and steel wire give the fence its strength, as well as provide flexibility when there is force applied creating a durable fencing option.


These fences are available in several different heights, mesh fabric gauges, and colors to help match your budget and project type.  Materials range from Galvanized, Aluminized, and Vinyl coated fabric and wire.  Colors of Vinyl coated wire vary from green, black, and brown.  Different gauges of wire and pipe.  Privacy inserts that allow a customer to enjoy 80-95% of privacy and 100% strength of steel.

Chain Link
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